About me

My name is Gosia, I come from Poland, currently living in California. I’ve been interested in craft since I was a little child. First crafty experience that I can recall was sewing buttons to a piece of a plastic foil. I must say from my current perspective it sounds pretty avant-garde. My mom wasn’t really pleased with my newly acquired skill as I was always dropping needles around me and then it wasn’t necessarily fun to step on them. Then I remember my parents bought me a little sewing machine (same as pictured) at a parish fest. It was made in USSR and even today I’m wondering how the heck did it sew with only one thread? Must have been a chain stitch underneath… Anyway, I loved it and I was improving my sewing skills on every single cloth I found.

My mother taught me basic crocheting and knitting stitches. I learnt cross-stitching and embroidery in elementary school. I’ve been collecting books and other resources with patterns and hints since I ever remember. Now, with the internet everything is a little bit easier. I learnt shuttle tatting by watching youtube videos, artichoke techniques by following on-line photo tutorials. Blogs, forums and pictures have always been for me a great source of inspiration and ideas.

Eventually, I came up with an idea of starting my own website that will be a collection of my hand-crafted items. Some of them are still available for sale – don’t hesitate to contact me, if you’re interested!

One thought on “About me

  1. You have inspired me to start tatting again. My grandma taught me years ago and I make bookmarks, crosses and many other things. I’m hoping to teach my nieces and our grandchildren to pass this down to the next generation.


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