PDF Butterfly earrings tatting pattern


Butterfly green rectangle

I designed and made a first pair of Butterfly earrings in January 2015. This is my interpretation of the Ankars technique – a method of tatting in which you create a simple tatted base and then carefully decorate it by sewing on more beads. In this case the base is very simple – 6 rings in a circle. The bottom part is bigger and has overlapping rings for enhanced 3D effect. The earrings will take their character from the beads that you are going to sew on. For me it was quite fun to go through my big stash of beads and choose them after I tatted the base – lots of options and they don’t require undoing the tatting if something turns out not as you expected. I hope you’ll enjoy making Butterfly earrings as much as I do!

This tatting pattern assumes some knowledge about shuttle tatting – if you know how to make rings, chains, picots, how to join the elements and add beads while tatting, this pattern is for you!

The 3-pages file contains:
– a list of supplies
– written instructions in English
– a diagram with stitch count and a diagram with example sewn-on beads
– pictures showing example finished products

Find the pattern in my Etsy store with tatting patterns.

I always make sure to deliver the highest quality professional patterns. Here’s an example of feedback from my customers:
“I would just like to say thank you for your beautiful patterns! It is so nice to see something you would love to tat and be able to buy it and then have the pattern instantly. Your patterns are professional. I’ve designed one pattern start to finish and it’s amazing how much work goes into even the most simple pattern. I wish you much success.”

Important: You may sell or give away items made using this pattern, but you may NOT distribute the pattern itself in any way. Thank you!

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